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About Me

I am 38 years old and proud of it.  I am a full time wife, mother, coach, computer tech, internationally elite powrlifter, and an NPC competitor.  

I spent 10 years of my life struggling with anorexia and worrying that lifting weights would make me “bulky.”  After becoming extremely sick from malnutrition, I committed to weight training and became addicted.   I loved being strong and to be successful; my diet had to be perfect.  I am now proud to say that I am lean as a result of hard work and proper nutrition.  I am a living example that results can be achieved drug free and even while eating a large amount of calories.  My passion is to motivate and inspire other females struggling with fat loss and unhealthy eating habits.  I want to help them achieve their fitness and health goals the correct way.  I focus on physical and mental strength.  Proper technique and execution of exercises are a key focus.  I believe that proper exercise progression must be built from a strong foundation. From there, the individualized program will provide results whether it is in the area of weight loss, muscle growth, strength & power training, flexibility, pain reduction, or sport specific goals!

How Does Meal Plans Work?

Meal Plans are based off of your individual needs.  I specialize in weight loss, show prep, streghth nutrition, endurance nutrition and weight gain. I give you a menu and each week we follow up on your progress and make changes if needed. 

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

I will build a customized training plan for you. Bring your workouts to the gym, track your progress. I will review your progress and tweak your training plan as needed.

How Does Powerlifting Training Work?

This is done via video.  You must record your training for me to review at different angles.  I exam and critique your form.  I have 3 years’ experience with this type of guidance with high success. Training remotely will allow you to save money and the hassle of scheduling. 

How Does Strength Programming Work?

Tired of 5x5's?  I build you am 8-10 week program to increase your 1 REP max.  I doubt there is a living person that geeks out on programing the way I do.  I assure you that you will finish stronger than when you began. 

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